Compress, Resize, Convert Images

Squeezer is an image compression app that allows you to easily compress, resize and encode images with the ability to dive into many advanced options provided by various image compression algorithms and codecs.

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Quick & Easy Compression

  • Drag and drop to open images for resizing and compression.
  • Reduce file size of images and photos substantially (up to 90%) without compromising image quality.
  • Convert images into different formats, e.g. PNGs to JPGs, JPGs to WebPs and vice versa.
  • Work JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, SVG, WebP, AVIF, TARGA, PBM, PNM and many more formats!
  • Run completely offline and private.
Lock with Password & Touch ID

Advanced Editing Tools

Come with many advanced compression and editing options, including choosing compression algorithms & codecs (MozJPEG, OxiPNG, AVIF and many more), resizing, lossy/lossless mode


System Integrations

Integrate deeply with your Mac with many options, including attaching to menu bar and automatically opening at login.